Ghaashk’kala roughly translates as “ghost guardians” in the Orc tongue.

The Order of the Ghaash’kala worship a force they call Kalok Shash, the binding flame.

The priests say that the flame consists of the souls of noble warriors, and that this force holds the powers of darkness at bay. Kalok Shash is thought by some to be the same force revered by the Church of the Silver Flame, although it could be difficult to convince a knight of the Flame that a branded orc barbarian is a champion of the faith.

When Ghaash’kala barbarians rage, they seek to submerge their identity into the flame, drawing on the strengths of the warriors of the past and losing all fear of death.

Noble warriors are often called to serve as paladins—although the Ghaash’kala paladin presents a very different image than the silver-armored knight of the Flame. In all, the Ghaash’kala clans see it as their sacred duty to guard the Labyrinth passages from escaping fiends, rampaging horrors, and other evils that might seek to slip past the Shadowcrags and invade the Eldeen Reaches and beyond. Through the light of the Kalok Shash, new members are constantly called to join the clans and keep the ghost-guardians strong lest the dark powers overwhelm them.


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