Dragonmarked Houses

Dragonmarked Houses are extended families of a single race whose members sometimes manifest dragonmarks. They often have a near-monopoly on certain kinds of businesses and are considered neutral in any affairs between the nations of Khorvaire.

The following Dragonmarked Houses exist:

House Cannith
House Deneith
House Ghallanda
House Jorasco
House Kundarak
House Lyrandar
House Medani
House Orien
House Phiarlan
House Sivis
House Tharashk
House Thuranni
House Vadalis

Year Established (Estimation)
House Phiarlan -3200
House Sivis -2800
House Deneith -2600
House Cannith -2500
House Lyrandar -2000
House Orien -1900
House Vadalis -1800
House Medani -1500
House Ghallanda, House Jorasco -1000
House Kundarak 106 YK
House Tharashk 498 YK
House Thuranni 972 YK

Dragonmarked Houses

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