Character List by Scenario

Summer Class: The Ruins of Ja’Shaarat
Channi (Jenny)
Max Rusaliefia
Professor Epswitch von Daskaran
Unnamed Demonic Patron

Monastary of Boldrei
Sebastion Cole (Culthunter)
High Priest Torrul

Flight to Shae Loralyndar
Ugrit Ska Mada
Unknown Werewolf Eldar

Caravan to Varna
Bharka (deceased)
Master Andreas
Pater DuValier (Ghost of? Deceased?)
Professor Ignatius Enescu
Rogurn (deceased)
Sir Alpin Arkwright

Glade of Kalakus
Hamish McGorran – Prince
Cedric Fitzgorran – Paladin
Taloss Venedra – Mystic Advisor
Artius Sommerland – Ranger
Bandonbur – Alchemist
Elspeth d’Legain – Warrior
Garrick Onegann – Ranger
Ika’Rhys Thule – Hermit
Jamie McConnell – Miner
Lady Shiara – Hobgoblin Subchief
Gasbar – Hobgoblin Lieutenant
Taffy – Chef

Meeting at an Inn
A flashback to when the siblings first met.
Bonal Geldem – Professor at Morgrave.
Doctor Kravek – Local doctor
Gears – some kind of gang leader
Martin ir’Arna – Warden
Tarawen – Ranger (deceased)
Professor Rammick – Professor of the Arcane, Morgrave.
Natania Voltaire – Marshal from Sharn

Finding Faith
The students have all returned. We find out what Max and Jenni have been up to in the Mournland. A mysterious Warforged shell (body) is investigated.
Faith – a strange Warforged. Perhaps the first ever made by House Cannith.
Ghash Durkaat – Lecturer in Dhakaani History. Hobgoblin. Temporary administrator of Student Accommodation.

Fallen Angel
Paid work aiding Nick Voltaire to find a missing statue.
Nicholai Voltaire – Gumshoe Inquisitive
Kaelys Tela – Elven Noblewoman who has had something stolen.
Kurthan – Bugbear Bodyguard to Lady Kaelys
Marazan Rickard – Knight of the Emerald Claw
Faela – Priestess of the Silver Flame, running the only church still standing in Fallen.
Kaliandar Gilthanus – Elven Fighter/Adventurer. Works for the Gatekeepers Sect.
Ma’tallon – Human Druid/Adventurer. Works for the Gatekeepers Sect.

Character List by Scenario

Morgrave Grailchaser