Much of Aundair’s boundaries are marked by natural geographical features. The Wynarn River and Lake Galifar in the west, The Blackcaps to the south, the Eldeen Bay in the north, and Scions Sound and Aundair River in the northwest. The only border not so demarcated is that between Aundair and Thrane, its neighbor to the east. Breland sits to the south and the newly formed Eldeen Reaches borders the west. The Lightning Rail passes through the larger cities of Passage and Fairhaven while House Orien roadways network through to smaller cities and westward to the Eldeen Reaches.

Thaliost, Aundair’s former capital and the cradle of its culture was occupied by Thrane in The Last War and much to the displeasure of Aundairian people, the Treaty of Thronehold left it in enemy hands.

Aundair possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply the nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines while large institutions of higher learning output scholars and knowledge.

Idyllic farmland ruled over by Wise Wizards, right?

A land divided.
Aundair USED to be idyllic farm land… until a big chunk of its idyllic farmers seceded to form the Eldeen Reaches. That’s huge ongoing rift with serious impact on daily life in both Eldeen and Aundair. Then to the west, you have Thaliost – a major Aundairian city now in the hands of Thrane. Of all the surviving Five Nations (we’ll leave Cyre out of this) Aundair carries the worst wounds from the war…

Mystical sophistication.
Aundair is the seat of the Arcane Congress. It’s the smallest of the Five Nations, and during the war, Aundair relied on its arcane superiority to survive. Out of all the Five Nations, Aundair is the one where arcane magic is the most integrated into daily life.

A nation of dreamers.
Karrnath is stoic and grim. Thrane is tied to the church. Breland is industrial and grimy. Aundair is all about magical thinking, figuratively and literally. Its people have the most romantic – and unrealistic – outlook on things, in part because as the nation of magic, they know life can BE unrealistic. Aundairians love duels. They love grand gestures. Life in Aundair is full of flair and color. This ties to the fact that most of the zealots of the Silver Flame are actually from Aundair – because they are more passionate and, if you will, magical in their beliefs, while Thranes tend to be moderate and compassionate.

Aundair’s people are a model of duality. Split between rugged hard working agriculturalists and learned, bookish individuals the “typical” Aundarian is anything but. Metropolises bustle with activity as two major dragonmarked house enclaves and two centers of learning draw heavy business, while solitary monasteries dot the landscape where monks live in almost complete solitude, rarely venturing from their homes. Aundair’s temperate climate and fertile soil make it a haven for good farmland and Aundair’s wine is especially well known across Khorvaire. Two great centers of learning reside in Aundair, The University of Wynarn and the floating city of arcane study Arcanix. Both of these institutions have suffered from a lack of students during the Last War, but admissions are increasing yearly.

Aundairians are known for their somewhat arrogant attitudes. Although arrogance is hardly a trait unique in the Five Nations, the Aundarians learn at a young age the results of a strong will in competition with others. That is not to say that every Aundarian is stubborn, or thick-headed, but that they will not easily concede a point they believe to be right, and indeed public duels have become a staple of Aundarian society; so much that many Aundarians have adopted names for specific maneuvers and styles used in duels.

Aundair is big and roads network throughout the nation making travel easy. Most Aundarians live away from major cities in farmlands, but still remain connected to their local cities and towns; thus Aundarian horsemanship is second only to the elves of Valenar.

Power groups of Aundair:
The Dust Motes
House Lyrandar
House Orien
House Cannith
The Knights Arcane
The Aundair Royal Family
The Aundair Triumvirate
The Arcane Congress
Nobles and Vassal Lords of Aundair

Many Aundairians are very fashion conscious, more so than the people of the other nations of Khorvaire. At the forefront of modern fashion trends are the nobles who wear bright colors, feathered hats, long skirts, coats or cloaks, and ruffled or puffy sleeves. The lower class cannot afford to keep up with the trends set by the nobles. However, most own at least one fashionable outfit which they preserve for special occasions; these outfits are often outdated by a generation or two.

Like most nations of Khorvaire the majority worship the Sovereign Host however, the purified of Aundair are unique calling themselves Puritans. Puritans are far more fanatical than most other members of the Silver Flame. The reason for this is Aundair’s resentment towards Thrane and the Silver Flame after spending many years at war with each other.

In -1502 CY the humans who had spread over Khorvaire formed five distinct settlements. These settlements would become the Five Nations of Thaliost (Aundair), Wroat (Breland), Metrol (Cyre), Karrnath, and Daskara (Thrane). Thaliost would expand south and west from the area around the city of the same name and eventually become Aundair. In -802 CY the Mark of Handling appeared among humans in Thaliost.

The Last War
During the last war, Aundair spent most of its time in warfare against either Thrane or Karrnath, and the loss of Thaliost to Thrane bristles Aundairian national pride to this day. During the Last War, the Eldeen Reaches seceded from Aundair, causing the nation to lose one half of its total area, along with one fifth of its population. The Knights Arcane bravely fought for Aundair, along with peasant militias. Aundairian military tactics emphasized maneuver with light cavalry, with magical support from wands.

The Forests

There are five main forests in Aundair: The Gray Woods; The Whisper Woods; The Chanthwood; The Duskwood; and The Eldritch Groves.


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