The DuValier Family

Great Grandparent: Arnaud irValier (898 YK – 955YK) – member of the Knights Phantom, hero of the Last War and founder of the Rochenoire line. Father of Harrold.

Grandparents: Harrold DuValier (b917YK – d980YK) – Yrgitta DuValier (b927YK – d982YK). Harrold was a member of the Knights Arcane. Yrgitta was a Khoravar Sorceror.

Holdings: Rochenoire – which lies halfway between Ghalt in Aundair and Morningerst in Thrane. Rochenoire has been in the family since it was enfiefed to Arnauld irValier shortly before his death in battle. It was then inherited by Harrold, who adopted the local naming practice and changed his name to DuValier.

Children: Heinrich (b945YK – d984YK), Samson (b947YK – d984YK)and Pater (b949YK- ).

Parents: Pater DuValier (b949YK – disappeared 995YK) – Ryzhara DuValier b954YK-992YK)
Pater – knighted at 19; Paladin of The Purified, a sect of the Silver Flame at 23, Retired at 28; Recalled to duty at 31.
Ryzhara – priestess of Boldrei from age 18.

Zharn b977YK from Pater and Ryzhara
Tyrand b978YK from Pater and Ryzhara
Mae b980YK from Pater and Faenwynn
Selas b981YK from Pater and Amelie

The DuValier Family

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