The Deathgate Guild

Established 200 years ago, this is a guild for adventurers and soldiers of fortune—a place for people with talent and courage to hone their skills and enjoy the company of like-minded folk. Many Deathsgate Guild adventurers served in the Last War.

The members of Deathsgate Guild have a strong rivalry with the adventurers of the Clifftop Guild, and Deathsgaters often start fights with their counterparts, both in Sharn and while out on adventures.

Motto. “There is profit to be had from the past.”

Headquarters: Deathsgate District, Middle Tavick’s Landing, Sharn

Beliefs: The Deathsgate Adventurers’ Guild’s beliefs can be summarized as follows:
- Uncovering the treasures of the past is worth a lot to the right people.
- There can be no reward without risk.

Goals: To bring profit to the Guild and its individuals by uncovering ancient artifacts, and selling them to those who bid high.

Typical Quests. Uncovering ancient ruins and looting their treasures for profit.

The Deathgate Guild

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