Survival Rules

Time take to hunt/gather food:

30 minutes +15 DC
1 hour +10 DC
4 hours +5 DC
8 hours +0 DC

Abundance of food:

Scarce +15 DC
Poor +10 DC
Average +5 DC
Bountiful +0 DC

Add the time taken to the Abundance of Food to calculate the required DC.

Make a roll and add your Survival Skill. If you make it you find enough food for yourself. For every +2 you make it by, you find food for one extra person.

The Druid/Ranger Foraging Ability lowers your DC by 10. (check this).

Other Survival Checks

Light a fire: DC 15
Navigate by the Stars: DC 10
Discover which way is north: DC 10
Tell the time: DC 5

Survival Rules

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