Sharn Inquisitive 1 - Barrakas 23rd

Dreamlily Craze
The Concerned Citizens Council has expressed concern over the amount of Dreamlily flooding the streets of the Skyway and polluting the minds of our youth. There is also the fear that the gang-warfare that has occurred in lower sections of Sharn may ascend to these lofty heights.

Cogs Collapse
The ongoing investigation into the collapse in the Lower Cogs and the subsequent disappearance of five students, a body guard and two servants during a Student Excursion on Nymm 9th have drawn to close finally. Professor Von Daskaran, who was injured in the collapse and who has since been exonerated by an investigation by House Deneith Marshall Voltaire, was relieved to discover the final three missing students turn up out of nowhere two days ago. As previously reported, two of the other missing students and their Warforged bodyguard turned up with scant explanation for their whereabouts last month and then promptly disappeared again before they could be questioned by the Watch. With all of the missing now accounted for, Captain Gazath of the Watch has declared the case closed pending a report from the Board of Morgrave University.

Warforged Denied
Warforged have been denied a permit to stage a second march after the last one ended in such violence. The previous march for higher wages and an end to exploitation ended when it meet another march by The Sharn Patriots protesting the loss of employment in stevedoring and construction. Captain Ardann of the Watch was quoted as saying, “I won’t have Warforged provoking honest citizens…”

Lightning Raid Nets Five
As unrest simmers in the Dura, a raid by the Watch in the rooms above the notorious Alehouse, The Beggar’s Spoon, has resulted in the capture of three Whitehoods and their associates. Captain Delaney says that no charges have been laid against the two Merchants who were taken into custody and that they are helping him with his inquiries. The three Whitehoods are being held without trial till the arrival of the High Marshal. Will the arrest of these Whitehoods trigger a riot as it did last year? Will we see more executions?

Harvest Storms
Those that didn’t complete their harvesting by the beginning of Barrakas have been hardest hit by late Summer Storms that have raged across Breland and Aundair.

Second Body Found
A second Warforged body has been found in the Lower Dura with its limbs missing. Captain Delaney of the Watch says there’s no need for regular citizens to be concerned and the Watch’s investigation is “ongoing”.

Sharn Inquisitive 1 - Barrakas 23rd

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