Rochenoire has been in the Valier family for generations.

Rochenoire is a full of rolling hills and rocky valleys. Strategically important because it lies near the border and is midway between the two great citadels of Valiant and Vigilant. It saw several minor sieges during The Last War and after being given as a fief to Arnaud ir Valier in 953 YK it has remained in the family ever since.

It consists of a keep and an associated small town of the same name; three villages (Rocheux, Chimère and Queso) and about a dozen scattered manors and holdings.

Manors are typically run by a knight who may have a squire or two and a handful of men at arms, and may be responsible for a number of farmsteads.

Holdings are peasant cooperatives with anywhere from five to twenty families which specialise in crop farming, animal husbandry, viteculture or forestry.

Rochenoire is a demense which lies halfway between Ghalt in Aundair and Morningerst in Thrane.

Each village has a militia of about 10-20.

Rochenoire Keep has no knights but it does have two sergeants at arms and a dozen men at arms. The town has 25 militia.

All told Rochenoire’s forces would include 4-5 knights, 4-5 sergeant at arms, 25-30 men at arms, and 60-70 militia.

Whilst the income from tax is relatively modest for the size of the demense, expenses are high and the disposable income depends on whether or not the harvest has been good, the produce can be sold at a reasonable rate at market in Fairhaven and other factors such as the amount of banditry.

On an average year, the estate is able to bank about 1500-2000 gold.

Corn (ie wheat and barley), goats, goat cheese, olives, wine, truffles and marble.

The major religion in the demense is worship of the Sovereign Host, with Boldrei being particularly favoured. There is a chapel in the castle and a modest temple in the adjacent town.

There are two remote monasteries in the area though little is known about them.

As elsewhere in Aundair, when two neighbours come into conflict, tempers rise and blood will flow. In Rochenoire, it is the tradition to fight with fisticuffs till one combatant concedes or is knocked unconscious.

Notable People
Melthaias Othrennan – Seneschal of Rochenoire.


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