Oarsen Casper

Brelish Naturalist


A fairly rugged and very plain looking young man typically wearing homespun clothing. He typically appears to be a little frayed, as if he actively seeks out blackberry bushes to navigate or stables to tend to. He is rarely seen without a fieldwork satchel and a simple yet well carved staff with a stylized hooked beak design on one end. At his belt is a horn handled knife, commonly seen on the belts of shepherds.

  • Born upstream from Woodhelm on a small freehold farm on the banks of the Dagger River to Radella and Henley Casper (ne: Radella Berkely).
  • Radella Casper was a Gatekeeper Sect acolyte who married a persistant Henley Casper, a practicing huntsman from Woodhelm with at least an assosciate standing with House Vadalis.
  • At the time of Oarsen leaving for Morgrave University, both of his parents are still alive and still working their freehold.
  • Currently on task looking to capture a live specimen of a hound capable of teleportation over short distances. Apparently these creatures have been spotted in the lower sections of Sharn.

Oarsen Casper

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