Oarsen Casper

Brelish Naturalist


A fairly rugged and very plain looking young man typically wearing homespun clothing. He typically appears to be a little frayed, as if he actively seeks out blackberry bushes to navigate or stables to tend to. He is rarely seen without a fieldwork satchel and a simple yet well carved staff with a stylized hooked beak design on one end. At his belt is a horn handled knife, commonly seen on the belts of shepherds.

  • Born upstream from Woodhelm on a small freehold farm on the banks of the Dagger River to Radella and Henley Casper (ne: Radella Berkely).
  • Radella Casper was a Gatekeeper Sect acolyte who married a persistant Henley Casper, a practicing huntsman from Woodhelm with at least an assosciate standing with House Vadalis.
  • At the time of Oarsen leaving for Morgrave University, both of his parents are still alive and still working their freehold. Oarsen has a half orc aunt who lives in a cottage in the woods near Woodhelm.
  • Oarsen has returned from the lower reaches of Sharn with a few half tame specimens, a cobbled together carrier for dimensionally agile subjects and a bunch of notes. At present he is most likely collating and checking off his findings, arranging housing for some new specimens and donating what he cannot responsibly take care of to the Natural History community.
  • After action documentation might suggest that a greater selection of live capture magics and items might be prudent to collect. So this is also a short term goal. This stuff is likely to go through the Dungeoneering 101 lecturer.

Oarsen Casper

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