Letter from Valerin

Tyrand DuValier

Greetings, Tyrand.

Its been some time since you attended “Inspirational Healing” at the Summer Seminary at Passage in 92. I understand that since then you’ve committed yourself to the Service of Boldrei following in the footsteps of your late mother, and are furthering your studies at the prestigious Morgrave University in Sharn.

So few of my students show a talent for healing or go on to become much more than well educated vassals or lay priests with some small knowledge of medicine. Truly gifted servants of the Sovereign Host are few and far between.

I wish you well in your studies. Should you ever need a reference or recommendation for a posting, you can count on me. I sense great things for you in the future.

Valerin DuBois
Liturgical Council of the Host of Khorvaire
Sypheros 4th, 998YK.

Letter from Valerin

Morgrave Grailchaser