Learning at Morgrave

Skills will advance in one of three ways:
i) Your Proficiency bonus goes up.
ii) You study at University
iii) You find a tutor or acquire a rare book and read it.

There are two semesters per year at Morgrave University. You study two subjects each semester.

You are at Summer Break of your second year and are about to go on an Archeaological Excursion into the catacombs beneath Sharn.

The subjects you may choose to have done so far (you have done six courses) are as such:

1st Year Courses (choose 4)
Jongleur Studies 101: Acrobatics or Performance
Dungeoneering 101: Athletics or Perception
Animal Care & Management: Animal Handling or Nature
Heiromantic Principals: Religion
Diagnostic Principals: Medicine
Old World Studies: History or Religion
Principals of Misdirection: Deception or Sleight of Hand
Principals of Planar Relationships: Arcana
The Criminal Mind: Insight or Intimidation
The Noble Art of Hunting: Survival or Stealth
Foreign Languages 101: Gain +1 Language.
Martial Weapons Handling & Maintenance: Martial Weapon Proficiency or Light/Medium/or Heavy Armour Proficiency, or Shield Proficiency.

2nd Year Courses (choose 2 so far)
Archaeology: History or Investigation
Applied Arcanic Resonance: Arcana
Cryptozoology: Nature
Advanced Trapspotting: Perception
Underground Survival Training: Athletics or Survival
Overground Survival Training: Nature or Survival
Investigative Procedures: Investigation or Insight
Applied Theurgics: Religion or Medicine
Applied Diplomacy: Performance or Persuasion
Bureaucratic Procedures: Deception or Persuasion
Surgical Procedures: Medicine
Foreign Language 102: Gain +1 language.

3rd Year Courses
Are rumoured to include Unorthodox Combat Techniques, Draconic Language Studies and Mythobiology

Each one either gives you a Proficiency or gives you +1 to an existing Proficiency.

Feel free to custom design and submit a Course to add to these if you so desire. :)

Learning at Morgrave

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