Caravan Guard Duty


Master Andreas Fenway is a merchant of House Vadalis. His caravan makes several trips each year from the heart of the Great Forest to Varna, its capital.

Caravan Guards earn 5 silver pieces in pay a week, plus bonuses for extraordinary service.

The current Caravan is travelling from Shae Loralyndar to Varna, a journey of some 300 miles. Which will take approximately 30 days on the Forest trail at 10 miles per day.

Starting Point: Shae Loralyndar

First Stop: Greenheart, 300 miles through the Towering Wood (est 30 days)
Second Stop: Niern, 120 miles by road (est 6 days)
Third Stop: Delethon, 75 miles by road (est 4 days)
Fourth Stop: Cree, 100 miles by road (est 5 days)
Fifth Stop: Varna, 130 miles by road (est 7 days)

From Varna, the players can travel to Passage either overland or by water, from where they can catch the Lightning Rail back to Sharn in a matter of days.

Caravan Guard Duty

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