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Searching the Ruins of Ja’Shaarat with Professor Epswitch:
Monday 9th Nymm 998YK to Tuesday 10th.
The Morgrave Summer break goes from 7th Nymm to 17th Barrakas. During that time there are several University sponsored expeditions and local tours of relative safety for students to engage in for extra credit or to enhance their knowledge of specific studies. One of these is, “Delving into Ja’Shaarat”, hosted by Professor VonDaskaran, takes the students on a tour of the uppermost levels of The Cogs.
Real World:
October 29th, 2015
November 15th, 2015 (?)
December 9th, 2015.

Siege at the Monastary of Boldrei, Eldeen Reaches
Tuesday 10th Nymm to Wednesday 11th.
Real World: January 20th, 2016 (?)

Flight to Shae Loralyndar
Wednesday 11th Nymm to Monday 16th Nymm.
Real World: March 23rd, 2016 (?)

Recuperating in Shae Loralyndar & meeting with a Druid
Tuesday 17th Nymm to Wednesday 18th Nymm.

Caravan to Varna
Sets forth on Friday 20th Nymm
Real World: April 6th, 2016 (?)

Encounter with the Ghost of Pater DuValier
Monday 23rd Nymm
Real World: May 4th, 2016 (?)

Encounter with Lost Paladin’s Ghost & The “Archaeologist’s Chest” episode.
Wednesday 25th Nymm
Real Date: June 8th, 2016 (?)

Investigating the Ruins of the Temple
At the Glade of Kalakus
Caravan Day 8 – Saturday 28th Nymm
Real Dates: August 3rd, 2016, August 31st, October 26th, December 14th, February 8th.

A Meeting at a Tavern
At the Drunken Monk Inn, in Little Ardev, Breland.
(Prequel 18 months before previous adventures)
Real World: September 14th, September 28th, 2016, October 12th, 2016.

Arrival at the Greenheart
19th Lharvion
The Caravan makes its first stop and the players bank their loot from the Temple of Kalakus. By a strange coincidence, they meet their long lost half-brother Selas at the House Kundarak enclave. They also give Professor Enescu an artifact and a whole lot of ancient coins.
February 8th 2017, February 22nd.

Return to Morgrave
Selas is hired on at Greenheart and they players soon depart. They arrive at Niern on 25th Lharvion. On the 2nd of Barrakas, they arrive at Delethon and enjoy an evening out, as well as ordering some speedily custom fitted splinted mail.

On 7th Barrakas
Third Stop: Delethon, 2nd Barrakas
Fourth Stop: Cree, 7th Barrakas
Fifth Stop: Varna, 16th Barrakas
Passage 17th
By Lightning Rail, arriving in Sharn on Barrakas 20th. University started back on

Catch up to do here:

Fallen Angel – Sypheros 18th

Day 1: Selas, who ran into Nick Volataire on the grounds of the University, was asked if he’d like to help him out on a job and earn some coin. He agreed and it was suggested the siblings help as well. They visited Silvervine Manor and met Lady Kaelys Tela, whose property had been broken into and an object stolen.
Day 2: The next morning they set out to the district of Fallen via sky taxi. After exploring and asking directions with a mixture of success, and briefling running across some elements of a Emerald Dragon brigade, they camped overnight in a ruined temple of Boldrei. This they shared with an adventuring group from the Gatekeepers Sect.
Day 3: Parting company with the three adventurers, they made their way to Colrac Hall and explored it. Having secured a reconstructed statue which might be a Radiant Idol; and some blink dogs including one of gargantuan size; they camped out waiting for extraction.
Day 4: Early in the morning a luxury sky barge arrived with Lady Tela and they enjoyed a relaxing trip back home. It is now Sypheros 22nd.

Campaign's Progress

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