Shiara Daruuk


Hobgoblin subchief from the Bladebearers Clan.

Referred to as “Her Majesty” by Garrick.

Seemingly an Ally of a mysterious Trio whom the party interrupted whilst they were looking around the second level of the Temple in the Glade of Kalakus. She possessed a “key” which would allow her access to the Main Mausoleum and Treasury which would give her access to the Burning Blade, allowing her to command the Guardian of the tomb to stand down and end its vigil, for she, an heir, had come to claim his legacy.

However, Garrick (Dwarven ranger) stole the key from her and gave it to Elspeth, who later opened the Mausoleum.

Although Shiara obtained the Burning Blade, things didn’t go quite to plan and she was nearly killed by the Guardian, who was revealed to be none other than the ghost of the demon Shava’saveen Skarath’an.

Afterwards, the tome seemingly forgotten, she continued her truce with Prince Hamish and the hobgoblins and Dwarves together looted the treasury of its riches.


Shiara Daruuk

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