Selas Duvalier

Big guy, hits people


Selas (he is told) takes after his father. He’s a large, muscular man with dark hair and blue eyes. He doesn’t have any characteristic equipment: he carries the best weapons he can find, and he wears whatevers clean. He might find himself growing attached to his new suit of plate mail, however.


Born and raised in the Low Ward in Korth, Selas never met his father He was born out of wedlock to a maid named Amelie. Pater found someone to track him down and delivered a letter and an inheritance which brought Selas to Morgrave. Selas took his fathers name, mainly because he’s not in the habit of passing up things that he’s entitled to.

Selas grew up on the streets after his mother died. He had a number of friends that helped him survive. He was fairly close to a few: Milun, Gylield and Hamowen ;all about his age and of similar circumstances.

Milun found work at the same place Selas did – fighting in the Pits for far too little cash.

Gylield somehow managed to get an apprentice at some place respectable. Too respectable for the other gang members to show up at, and Gylied started drifting apart from the group.

Hamowen focused on something they’d all tried, stealing for a living. When Selas left, word was the Hamowen was going to be inducted into the Guild.

Selas Duvalier

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