Sebastion Cole



Sebastion Cole is a Cult Hunter from the Shadow Marches. At seven foot tall, some might say he has Giant blood in him – not a rumour he cares to deny.

After going through the papers of a Cultic centre in the Shadow Marches, he found a portion of a Draconic Prophecy.

“West of Twilight,
South of Fallen Anger,
In a village of Lost Laughing,
A Witch of Wildfire,
Seduced by Pride,
Will bear a Prince’s child,
And loose the bolts from Doom’s Door.”

This led him to Cassandra, an apothecary of the village of Guffornott, which lies on the Eastern outskirts of the Twilight Demense and South of the Demon Wastes. Cassandra had been imprisoned and was awaiting trial for the crime of witchcraft. She had sheltered a wounded stranger prior to this who was thought to be a Rakshasa who had escaped from the Demon Wastes and was pursued by the Ghaash’kala.


Sebastion Cole

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