Professor Ignatius Enescu




An Archaeologist of the “get your hands dirty” type and an Expert on the lore of the Dhakaani Empire. Once studied at Morgrave University.

There is a former Dean’s portrait in the Refractory at Morgrave that has the same surname, but the portrait doesn’t seem to match Ignatius.

His young apprentice is Zander.

Until recently, he had been managing a dig in the Frozen North of the Eldeen Reaches, at the tomb of the Hobgoblin Warlord known as Ahmon Zola. A project he spent years planning and four months this year in actually digging.

According to Enescu, he was indebted to the tune of some 20,000 gold to certain Dwarven moneylenders. Whilst most of that money went in financing the dig, a sizeable portion was spent on creating a particular chest.


Professor Ignatius Enescu

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