Pater DuValier



The father of most of The DuValiers adventuring team, Pater is different things to different people. Rumours abound about his colourful life but its difficult to sift fact from fiction. He has been missing for several years and is believed dead.

Former Friends & Associates
Faenwynn Fleetfoot – former lover. Mae’s mother. Missing.
Lady Kaelys Tela – Lady of Silvervine Manor, Sharn.

Potential Sources of Information about Pater:
Nils Amerine – Puritan Paladin. Says that Pater was a renowned Werewolf Hunter, and an adventurer belonging to a group called the Silver Circle, or Silver Chalice.


Pater was a third son of the noble DuValiers whose lands, known as Rochenoire, lie halfway between Ghalt in Aundair and Morningerst in Thrane. Rochenoire had been in the family for generations but being a third son, and destined to never inherit, Pater enlisted as a squire in The Purified, a sect of the Church of the Silver Flame.

He was made a knight by nineteen and a paladin by the age of twenty three. He served for a further five years before marrying a priestess of Boldrei and retiring to a tenanment in Fairhaven, where he remained on-call as a reserve member and sort work as a bodyguard.

At thirty, a few years after his two children were born, he was recalled to duty and sent to the West of Khorvaire on a mission which left its mark on him and a little over a year later he quit The Puritans altogether, resigning his commission.

When he was thirty five, he received news that both his elder siblings had been killed in battle in Thrane and he was forced to take up the mantle as head of the House DuValier. His small family packed up their things and returned to the ancestral estate in the South.

A few years after his wife died, he received a letter and abruptly left his two teenage children in the care of the Seneschal of Rochenoire. He was not heard of for several years….

Pater DuValier

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