Kaelys Tela

Elven Noble


Kaelys has platinum blond hair, is fond of silver and jet, and usually wears a glammerweave dress that ripples from a smoky silver to black. Her cold, silver eyes search endless for things worthy of her attention, but so few things areā€¦

Lives at Silvervine Manor in Sharn. Art collector, with a fondness for historical curiosities.

Said to be a member of The Aurum.

She has several Bugbear guards at her estate, commanded by Kurthan, a butler and retired warrior with experience in Droaam.

Her coat of arms is a stylised silver dragon surrounded by an ivy wreath.


Said to have been classically trained as a Lore Bard in Aerenal.

She adventured with the Silver Circle in the mid 970s YK. Afterwards, she retired, buying a run down manor from a bankrupt estate in Sharn and refurbishing it to her tastes. She is said to be a merchant and information broker.

Kaelys Tela

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