High Priest Torrul


Priest of Boldrei and High Priest of the Greyspear Monastery.

His small sept has five members besides himself.

His right hand man is Yorvik.


Inspired to discover Greyspear by a vision he received several years ago.

“I had a vision of a spear floating above a ruin. And so I left the Seminary at Arcanix in Aundair and led my small brotherhood to travel West, searching for this temple.”

Upon the discovery of the relic in the hidden shrine beneath the altar, he declared, “We realise now why we have come here: To hold back the Wilderness of the Eldeen Reaches and the demonic influence of The Wastes. To spread the civilizing influence of Boldrei. This relic is a sign of the rightness of our path.”

High Priest Torrul

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