Garrick Onegann

Dwarven Ranger



From the Eldeen Reaches

Friend of Artius Sommerland

Quick with his hands.

Studied briefly at Morgrave University before dropping out. Among other things, he studied Ancient History.


“Aye. I know a little about Hobgoblin architecture. I did course on it at Morgrave University about 6 or 7 years ago… before I dropped out.

The same Spartan architecture as I’d seen drawings of. The same use of form and colour… well, anyway, it was surely a relic of the Dhakaani Empire. When Goblins used to rule all of Khorvaire about 8 or 9,000 years ago. Whomever had built the Temple had put it right on top of an ancient ruin.

Taloss Venedra said as much the same. He said it was likely the tomb of some great Hobgoblin Warchief, though It thought he was being a bit hasty. He said he’d seen carvings on the wall that said as much… he could read their language, you see, and he couldn’t be dissuaded. He got really enthusiastic!

Well, you should have seen the Prince’s eyes light up when he said “Tomb”! It was like magic!
So we set out to explore.

We split up into two teams.

Artius led The Prince, Taloss, Cedric

And I had Jamie, Patton and Tondan.

We had only just begun to look around when it appeared. Ten feet tall and glowing like the blue blazes. It came from the direction of the pool room and lit into our party, spearing Patton right through the breastbone with its glowing hand. You could see his soul drain out of his eyes and into the creature’s mouth.

It would have had me next only the Prince was on it, hitting it with his magic axe. I’ve never seen someone move so fast. Only the creature flung him away and he hit the wall and slumped and then … well, I’m not proud. We all ran for it then. Cedric grabbed the prince and dragged him off and we all lit off in different directions.

By now we were all working in the half-dark. The creature would give away its presence by the eerie light it cast. It stalked us through the ruins – its not fast but its bloody relentless. I was sure that there had to be another way out…

I lost track of time. I’d stop to rest but I’d hear screams in the corridors and then be forced to start running again and hiding. I’d let it slip on by and race back the other way but it seemed to get ahead of me … teleporting or maybe going through walls, but I never saw it happen.

After I found Tondan drained of life, I decided to make my way back to the Pool and climb back up. Even if it meant going to its home. I found Jamie on the way and we both made it up the rope…

It was then we met the Hobgoblins and were captured. "

Garrick Onegann

Morgrave Grailchaser