An apothecary of the village of Guffornott in the Eldeen Reaches.

A few months ago, a stranger entered Guffornott seeking aid, as he was wounded. But because he appeared to come from the Demon Wastes, he was shunned by the village and nobody would help him. Cassandra took him in and cared for him for several weeks, healing his wounds. But a number of calamities befell Guffornott during this time.

After he left, Cassandra was arrested by the local priest of Arawai and charged with consulting with demons, causing miscarriages and laying curses. Before she could be put to trial, the Cult Hunter Sebastion Cole, appeared and made a prior claim upon her.

Sebastion believes that she is pregnant by this stranger.

Sebastion and Cassandra were most recently seen in Shae Loralyndar, where she was to be investigated by the Druids.



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