Artius Sommerland

Human Ranger



From the Eldeen Reaches.
Friend of Garrick Onegan


“Garrick and I, we did the scouting – the pathfinding. Usually the most dangerous kind of work, what with all the unstable masonry and the traps and monsters, but we’re right silent when we want to be. I reckon if the others weren’t with us, we could’ve snuck right be most trouble.

We spent three days methodically making our way through the old Temple, mapping and fighting and going over every square inch for treasure and what not. Resting up between battles so that we were always fresh to the fight. There were a few sections that were caved in that we marked down for exploring on a second trip.

We’d just about done all we could when somehow the place seem to spring to life again. All the dead creatures they rose again. We were forced back into Northern area because we didn’t want to face those creatures with the Soul Arrows a second time. That’s where we lost Tobias Fitzgorran, Cedric’s cousin. Ripped his soul right out of his body before the Prince slew them. They turned to dust right afterwards but …

Well, anyway, we were resting up again when Cedric got the idea to go down the well. And sure enough, he found another level below us. So rather than have any more unwelcome surprises in the night, we shinnied down a rope and rested in the chamber below. We explored it all of course, and it was empty. It might have been part of a large level like this one but it was mostly caved in.

We put all our loot in one of the reliquary boxes and went to sleep.

The next day the Prince, that’s Hamish McGorran, he says he’s had a dream. A vision. That there was another level to this place. Insisted it was also to be found in the well. But it was all full of rubble. We spent a couple of days hauling broken masonry out of there and low and behold, we found a way down.

Only this…. The place we found was different like. I’d never seen anything like this before but Garrick knew what we were looking at. And so did that Taloss chap. "

Artius Sommerland

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