Interlude after Fallen

Shopping time!

Zharn mused over a missive she received from Rochenoire and speculated about returning home. She then had a lovely Eberron Dragonshard (which can store 3 levels of spells) set into the pommel of her sword by Garishke, a Bugbear smith in the marketplace in Middle Tavick’s Landing. He also spoke to a wizard called Kakiro, who informed him that the key to breaking her bond with her Demon Patron lay in discovering if the demon does in fact have her soul or not. Perhaps by talking to a Cleric or Necromancer.

Tyrand received a letter from Valerin DuBois. He also discovered that a trip from Sharn to Marketplace in southern Aundair would cost about 50g per person in Common and about 350g in standard accommodation (has luggage space) on the Lightning Rail. From Marketplace to Rochenoire, its about 200 miles without rail.

Selas commissioned a suit of Plate at 2000gold (?) which would be made for “stealth” (won’t give disadvantage on stealth checks when used).

Mae sold some lesser dragonshards and also renewed a contact with Characy and Tommo, two underworld rogues, and sold the Masterwork Rapier. She bought a 50g ring from Skakan’s rat’s market.

Casper is being lauded for his successful capture of several blink dogs and discovered his Scholarship gives him half price on buying magic spells at Morgrave.



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