Ghouls in the Temple

Fallen Angel

Passing through the next landmark, a ruined temple, the players discover that it is a Church of the Sovereign Host. One devoted to Boldrei.

Tyrand vows to press on instead of exploring it, much to everyone’s relief.

They move into the thickening mists, with Tyrand’s Mist-sight guiding them on. They do not get far when they encounter a couple of adventurers, who have a horde of ghouls on their heels. Though the ghouls only normally come out at night, the mist has made them braver.

They retreat back to the temple and look for a defensible position. Whilst the single tower is investigated by Mae, Tyrand discovers that the temple does indeed have a hidden Priest’s Alcove beneath the altar, just like the last old church of Boldrei they were in, in the Eldeen Reaches.

The party and their two new friends elect to retreat down into the chamber and seal the entrance above them. A single ghoul makes it in and is quickly dispatched.

They learn that the two adventurers are the human Druid, Ma’tallon, who is injured and the elven fighter/ranger Kaliandar, both of whom work for the Gatekeepers, one of the Druidic Orders of Khorvaire. The Gatekeepers are devoted to protecting Eberron from extraplanar invaders.

The two of them were sent to retrieve a book of Draconic Prophecy from a priest of the Blood of Vol, who was travelling in the company of some Dwarves. They caught up with him in Aundaire and retrieved the tome, only to have it stolen. They tracked the thief to discover that he’d passed it on to The Order of the Emerald Claw. They then tracked the Emerald Claw south into Breland, and thence to Sharn. They were originally a party of three, as they had a Puritan Paladin called Nils with them, but they had lost him somewhere in Fallen.

Mae recounts her meeting with the Emerald Claw and her recollection of overheard discussions about prophecy. She tells them that the paladin had fought with the Emerald Claw. Ma’tallon explains about Convergences – which are times when circumstances align and prophecy reaches a turning point. Once a Convergence has occurred, its outcome determines which sequence of prophecies will come true and which will become false prophecies. He mentions The Chamber, supposedly a group of Dragons devoted to understanding Draconic Prophecy; and he also mentions the Lords of Dust…

Whilst the remaining ghouls scratch impotently at the altar, trying to get in, the party explores the small chamber and the adjacent room. They break into a crypt belonging to an ancient noble family but do not plunder the richly appointed coffins. Tyrand finds among the ruined stores on the shelves of a nearby corridor, an pristine chest. Upon forcing the lock, they discover that it is essentially a box of Holding of some kind, which preserves any food that is put into it in an icy dimension which can be reached in the base of the box.

They gather bits of old furniture and start a fire in the ceremonial hearth of Boldrei, and start cooking some of the cold meats they took from the box, preparing to wait out the ghouls till morning.



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