Fallen Angel

Game #3

The players take a wide detour about the suspected Emerald Claw. Mae scouts it out the route. She meets -

Marazan Rikard
- Obviously from the Emerald Claw. He claims to be looking for a missing friend. A priestess. Mae senses a lie. Marzan was with a fellow Emerald Claw who was wounded, purportedly by Reavers. He mentioned encountering a Paladin of the Silver Flame. A Puritan. Perhaps because neither side is sure of the outcome of a conflict, they go their separate ways.

The players fight a pack of Shifters from the Bear Claws Clan, who Mae spots as they are laying an ambush. Some of them go bezerk. Nick Voltaire reveals he has some kind of magical gun. Oarsen enlarges Lady Zharn to twice her height during the conflict. The leader of the pack of Shifters escapes.

Game ends with the players having seen a temple ruin looming in the mists.



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