Dogs in the Hall

After spending the night in the small redoubt beneath the ruins of the Church of Boldrei, the DuValiers emerge to find someone else has spent the night in the ruins besides the ghouls.

A knight in battered armour had also taken shelter in the ruins of the Church of Boldrei, barricading himself in the tower. The bodies of half a dozen ghouls lie on the rubble strewn floor as testament to his skill. He is the Puritan Paladin Nils, a friend of Kaliandar and Ma’tallon. Upon being introduced to The DuValiers, he remarks that there was a famous knight by that name in his order once. A werewolf hunter who belonged to a band of adventurers called The Silver Chalice or The Silver Circle or something.

Taking their leave and wishing each other well, the two teams depart on their respective missions.

Within an hour, The DuValiers come upon Colrac Hall, a huge slab of red granite impaled by a tower of green marble and glass. There are tracks of blink dogs nearby, the very creatures that the Naturalist Oarsen was hunting!

They warily make their way inside, having a few mishaps with the sheer volume of broken green glass along the way. An encounter with some Dark Stalkers ends peacefully and they fight off half a dozen giant rats. Mae is poisoned in some fashion by one of their bites.

In the kitchen they find a small chest with a silver lock which they can’t open, but decide to keep anyway. Avoiding some servants’ quarters that seem to be haunted, they climb awkwardly through a fracture in the glass tower to enter into its bottom floor.

Here they discover some kind of kennels filled with iron cages marked with runes to prevent teleportation. They discover a large House Vadalis chest which is trapped and resists their opening it and they also fight off some skeletal blink dogs before preparing to ascend the inverted stairwell to the next level.



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