Assailing the Tower


Lady Tela,

Nick here. This assignment you’ve sent us on is quite the doozy.

Fallen is a slum so bad that it gives hovels a bad name. Imagine the worst, most wretched living conditions – remove the roof and throw in some blood crazed cannibals and half starved thieving children and you have the worst district of the Lower Dura. Oh, and did I mention the ghouls? They only come at night.

Well, it was through that despicable place that we made our way to the site of the Green Tower that used to be a bastion of House Vadalis, chasing your precious piece of masonry.

The once grand beauty of the Tower now lies inverted, impaling Colrac Hall, a cold edifice of reddish stone made by the Dwarves, I figure, when this was still called Gods Gate. We traipsed through its sooty, refuse strewn corridors, cutting ourselves on a myriad of brittle reminders that the Tower was indeed faced with glass and finally made out way down into the depths of what used to be the upper temple.

There some crazed boy was orchestrating the resurrection of a fallen angel, collecting the parts of its cursed form together in preparation for its return to the mortal plane. After we’d dealt with his guardians – blink dogs and the Stonekeeper clan, we found ourselves at an impasse. He was just a boy, after all. And one of the students reckoned he was a Memlith. So he wasn’t quite right in the head. Reasoning with him proved an onerous task.

Circumstances forced our hand however and when the mad child attacked us, summoning a behemoth of a hound to his aid, we were forced to defend ourselves. An unpleasant task and I take no pride in saying that he met his end at our hands.

Now there’s just the clean up to do. We have your statue. Well, I’m sure you can piece it together. I think most of its here. We just need you to pay someone with a large enough skyship to come and collect. There’s no way in Khyber that we’re going to be able to carry it out. It must weight 1600lbs.


Nicholai Voltaire



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